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Interested in learning to write copy in-house to retain clients longer and maximise your profit?

Copywriting has become the poster child of marketing in the last couple of years, and for good reason. The early days of digital marketing were a dream for anyone versed in the latest ‘tactics’ and traffic was cheap.

But it wasn’t too long before the wild west was crowded out with high rise buildings, traffic jams, and neon lights on every corner. The competition ‘hotted up’. Bigger brands threw more money, bidding higher for space in the news feed. And everyone’s offer started to look the same. Smart business owners know that they need to get off ‘tactics’ and get back to the foundations of communication that work, no matter what the algorithm’s doing. So, being the “let’s get it done” types who are not daunted by new ideas, they buy a course.

And here’s the problem …

Most copywriting courses just recycle the systems. Of course, for example, you’ve heard of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), PAS (Pain, Agitation, Solution), the Four P approach …

Then? They leave you to it. Those systems work. They’re battle-tested and have returned countless millions to brands that have employed them over the decades.

But too often, people tell me they’re still left with a blank screen because they just don’t know how to make words fit the system. “I’m just not a copywriter,” they say.

Basically, they’re scared they can’t write well enough. What if the muse doesn’t show up with the inspo? What if nobody buys?

The fear is real. And, worse than that, when you run paid traffic and nobody buys, the expense is real too.

In ‘Copywriting for Profit’ I take you past the formulas and teach you to really see and understand the people you want to influence.

I will help you change the questions you ask, the things you notice and, most of all, the way you write your ads, landing pages, emails, and scripts.

I will show you how to bring kindness and empathy into your copy, and give people exactly what they’re looking for. When you do, there is no longer a question of “Why should I buy from you?”. Instead, their question becomes, “How can I sign up?” You’ll also learn what KPIs to look for in your marketing and how you can make changes in your copy to improve the results. The result? More money, and more impact. ‘Copywriting for Profit’ is also unique in that I don’t just sell you a course, hope you take the shrink wrap off and wave you through a bunch of videos.

The content’s in the membership site, yes. In there, I’ll show you how to set your brand apart, how to use story (with real examples) in your campaigns, and how to write for each format. And yes, there are templates because that feels safer for people to get started. But then there’s the gold in the live Thursday calls where you can get feedback on what you’re making now. There’s the skill you develop that means you don’t need the templates anymore. There’s an innate understanding you’ll pick up, where you just can’t help but see things from your audience’s point of view. And there’s an understanding of how to build the right strategy for your digital marketing campaign because, finally, you see the easiest path to purchase for your people.

If you’re ready to move past the formulas, get ‘Copywriting for Profit’ now.


👏🏼 “Thank you so much Jo, that sounds absolutely brilliant! I didn’t think the version I had could be remodelled so brilliantly.” – Mel D

What we cover…

In Copywriting for Profit you’ll learn:

  • * How to set your brand apart from the rest
    * The “Who Cares?” test
    * Ad copy for each stage of your funnel
    * The magic of abandoned cart emails
    * Building relationships


AND in the workshops, you’ll learn:

* How I beat writer’s block, every time
* How to be spoilt for choice
* How to “make it” with email
* How to write Press Releases
* How to write landing pages
* How to write a lead magnet

But the real gold?

That’s in the weekly live calls. You can get on the list for a live edit on any piece of copy you’re working on right now.

There’s no leaving you to your own devices once you’re enrolled. Sure, take off the shrink wrap and go through the modules. But then make the most of the live coaching in our Facebook group.

See you inside!